Swim Lessons at the YMCA - Summer 2017

Starting at 6 months

August 25, 2016
The Y Swim Lesson Program is a nationally recognized program with a history of success. The Y's swim staff are professional, safe, and incorporate character development (honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility) into every swim lesson.

While the immediate goal for each level is to teach various swimming skills, the long term goal is to develop a sense of self-worth, an attitude of service to community, and to inspire personal values in each child that participates in the Y's  program.

When you sign up for either the preschool or youth lessons they will be evaluated on the first day of class and placed in a YMCA swim level based on their swimming skills. Halfway through the lessons you will receive a mid session report telling you how your child is doing in their specific level. After the last lesson is complete, participants will receive a progress report which will determine if they progressed to the next level. The following descriptions are the different levels where your child could be placed based upon ability.


Baby Shrimp Lessons
(6 months-18 months)
The Shrimp Level is designed to get both the parent and the child comfortable in the water. The child will become comfortable moving in the water while the parent learns how to teach their child to be safe in and around the water. They will work on blowing bubbles and kicking. These fun classes teach through music and games while the parent guides the child through basic aquatic skills.

Toddler Perch Lessons
(19 months – 36 months)
Perch level builds on what a child learned in the previous Shrimp level. In this level the children will work on floating, changing body positions, and moving through the water on their front and back with an inflatable flotation device (IFD) by themselves. These fun classes also teach through music and games.


Rays will work on front and back paddle, breast stroke and rhythmic breathing. Elementary backstroke will be introduced at this level.

Eels will begin to work on basic stroke development, including the front, back and side strokes which will aid with overall endurance.

Pikes work towards becoming comfortable in the water while learning how to be safe around water.


In Polliwog, children will become acquainted with the pool and comfortable in the water. Skills will include submerging while blowing bubbles, front and back floats, flutter kicking on their front, back, and side, as well as paddling. 

In Guppy, children will continue to build endurance while working on basic stroke components for front crawl (with rhythmic breathing), back crawl, and sidestroke as well as receiving an introduction to elementary backstroke, breaststroke, diving, and reinforcement of basic safety practices.

In Minnow, children work on refinement of strokes with proper breathing techniques and building endurance.

YMCA swim lessons are offered in a block scheduling format to make it as easy as possible for families with multiple children to schedule lessons conveniently. This allows children who differ in age and skill level to participate in swim lessons at the same or similar times, while being in the class most appropriate for them. 
For cost and class schedule contact:

East Jefferson Family YMCA - 6691 Riverside Dr, Metairie, LA 70003
Haley at (504) 888-9622
Click here for schedule and more information.

Belle Chasse YMCA - 8101 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA 70037
Rachel at (504) 392-9622
Click here for schedule and more information.