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9th Grade - 12th Grade

Raphael Academy accepts students on an ongoing basis and uses the Waldorf-inspired curriculum, which is a unique model in that it offers a sensory-rich, experiential learning environment. Our curriculum is designed for students who would benefit from a more practice-oriented approach to academics. 

Our Transition Classroom consists of core Waldorf curriculum topics such as modern and world history, Shakespeare, mythology, world geography, map making, physiology, physics, chemistry, and algebra. Alongside the Main Lesson, the Unique Learning System Curriculum is used as a teaching tool for pre-vocational and life skills, creating a unifying thread between academics and greater independence. Daily Ability Groups continue to reinforce each student’s individual math and reading skills. 

Our curriculum is focused on nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of every student who enters Raphael Academy. By offering grades 9th-12th, we are able to help students develop a rich love for learning from adolescence and into adulthood. Through The Guild at Raphael Village, Raphael Academy students also have the opportunity to continue their education into adulthood upon completing their primary and secondary studies.  

Social interaction and relationship-building are fundamental aspects of educating our differently-abled students so that they may become active participants in their communities. Our ideal classroom size maintains a 7:2 student-to-teacher/assistant ratio, though class size may vary depending on the particular composition and needs of a given class. Small classes give our teachers the chance to know each student personally, gain insight into their unique personalities, and identify each student’s strengths and challenges. 

We have open houses for families to come and tour Raphael Academy, Raphael Village, and our Dragonfly Cafe, which is open to the public. These open houses are between December and March. You can also support our educational and vocational programs by attending our two annual fundraising events, donating on our website, and volunteering. Please follow us on Social Media and check our website calendar for updates. For detailed information on our programs and events, please see our website at

For more information, or to schedule a private tour, please visit or email their Enrollment Director at

Raphael Academy does not discriminate against any race, age, color, creed, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or disability.