Young Rembrandts

Young Rembrandts teaches drawing, the fundamental skill of all visual arts to children aged 3 ½ to 12


Preschool: ages 3.5 - 5 years old/Kindergarten

Young Rembrandts teaches pre-school children the skills necessary to draw more complex images. As pre-schoolers learn to draw and color with our step-by-step method, they develop observations skills, increase their fine motor skills, handwriting readiness and attention to detail. Our weekly program prepares them as learners so they will be successful in kindergarten. Our classes are fun, engaging and affordable. Participating in Young Rembrandts’ creative and encouraging classes helps young children learn to follow directions, hold and use a pencil, and stay on task.

Elementary Drawing: ages 6 - 12 (1st – 6th grade)

Our unique, proven method and step-by-step curriculum foster a wealth of skills such as fine motor skills, handwriting readiness and attention to detail. Children taught using our method develop increased patience, discipline and focus as well as a host of artistic skills such as art vocabulary and history, drawing and art skills, and expanded creativity, imagination and confidence. In this weekly program, every 4th week offers an art history lesson. 

Cartoon Drawing: ages 6 - 12 (1st – 6th grade) 

Encourage your child’s enthusiasm for art and help develop their drawing skills with a Young Rembrandts cartoon class. Our cartoon drawing lessons will stoke your child’s artistic fire. Your child will learn about exaggeration and drawing facial expressions, how to show action and movement, and to create a story and more. Students will draw 3-5 drawings in each class.


Our workshops are week-long, themed lessons offering a variety of topics such as Fashion & Runway drawing, Favorite Apps and Video Games, Anime, Superheros, and much more.  

Our Programs

After-school classes

These classes meet directly after-school at participating schools for students enrolled at that school.  Classes meet weekly with new lessons every week. Our instructors bring all supplies. If we are not at your child’s school, contact us to find out how we can get a program started.

Community Centers/Kid-Friendly Business

These locations host Young Rembrandts weekly classes or special events.  These classes offer the same engaging curriculum and are a great alternative location if we are not at your child’s school.

See our website for a list of current locations. Let us know if you would like to offer classes at your business/community center or if you would like to recommend a new location.