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Ages 4 - 12

Pony Tales Summer Camp 2024


Please note ALL single days and weekly themes will have appropriate riding lessons/activity for whatever level your child is at, including complete beginners.  ALL single days and weeks include daily pony/horse riding and horsemanship lessons in the morning and time on the theme in the afternoon as well as games, crafts and water play (depends on weather!)  Before/aftercare offered by PRIOR arrangement.

To attend FULL weeks (M-F) of camp child must be  5 ½ and up to 12.  

Our single days can be attended by 4 ½ year olds.  We offer half days (8:30-11:30) on the single days as an option ONLY for ages 4-6.

We reserve the right to change a week to single days if camp attendance is not full enough.

If the days you need are not offered below you can contact me and REQUEST THE DATE. If you can get at least 5 total campers signed up we can hold camp on your requested day.

Single days (also ½ days) Tues – Fri May 28-31    Each day we will go over different jobs that are available if you want to work with horses as a horse professional.

M-F   June 3-7   COLORS WEEK –   
Having the kids come in similar colors to the horses and going over different horse colors, breeds and markings that identify different horse and pony types.

M-F June 10-14   CIRCUS WEEK   – kids will decide on a costume (from stuff at home)  and circus “act”.  One of our popular weeks.  YES, complete beginners too!  Google youtube for Pony Tales Circus Week.

M-F June 17-21   WESTERN WEEK –
  taking cowboy and cowgirl pictures and learning what kinds of riding are done in Western saddles, like reining and roping and rodeo etc.

M-F June 24-28   GAMES WEEK –
exploring games/competitions played on horses, like barrel racing, pole bending and other “patterns”.   New daily people games too!

Single days   M, Tues  July 1,2    Buy singles or both days – Farm Animals –
fun with our Goats and Chickens plus ponies!

M-F July 8-12   WEDDING WEEK –
another popular theme.  A full Wedding for 2 of our ponies or horses. The kids plan, and are part of the wedding party and parents are invited to the Wedding on that Friday.  To come this week you must either be a lesson student or previous camper.  It is non discounted and is an additional $25 than other weeks to cover the “reception” lunch.

M-F July 15-19   TRAIL WEEK  –
exploring what it is to “trail ride”with a mini trail ride out back at end of week. This week will include “obstacles” that might be found on a Trail or Competition Trail show.

M-F July 22-26    COSTUMES WEEK –
kids will plan a costume (from what you have at home) for themselves and their pony/horse.  We will go over breeds that have costume classes at shows!

M-F   July 29 – Aug 2   VETERINARIAN WEEK   –
Learn about different first aid for the horses, taking their vital signs (and what those are and why)   Learning to give a “shot” to an orange (WELL supervised!)  Learning signs of sickness. Scan for their microchips.  Potential vet visit will depend on her availability.

Single days (also half days)     M-F  Aug 5-9 and Aug 12-16
   lots of water play on these days.  General horse and pony learning.  Please NOTE – there is no after care offered on these days, but before care is.

Private Lessons

Ages 3 1/2 - 14

The Pony Tales riding and horsemanship program is geared toward beginners.  We believe good basics, in the beginning, are the key to better riding in later years.  We start ALL riders in private lessons for this reason.  Lessons also include safety around horses and ponies,  grooming, ground skills, and insights into how the horses and ponies think.  

Try an Orientation Lesson for $40 to see if we are right for you!  Lessons are by weekly appointment only, anytime from 9 am – 7 pm, Monday - Friday. We will occasionally schedule lessons on the weekend.

Holiday Camps

Ages 5-12

The Pony Tales Holiday Camps include the above and more, like crafts and games.  According to your child's school holiday schedule, we offer these by the day or multiple days as needed.

For more information please call or text 504-469-0148 or email

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