Parents Love Sacred Heart Summer Camp

2022 Summer at Academy of the Sacred Heart has something for every child!

March 9, 2022

Summer 2022 at Academy of the Sacred Heart will be one for the books! There is truly something for every kid, and parents want you to know...they love it! Summer Camp at Sacred Heart is a place to experience many different activities like sports competitions, hands-on and performing arts, yoga, field trips, water play, and more. Your kiddos will have so many opportunities for fun and creating friendships! Sacred Heart knows your child may also want to focus on one program, which is why they have also created intensive camps including Cheer, Visual Arts, and Grammar Boot Camp. Here is a complete list of Sacred Heart's camping options this year:

Summer Starts June 13, Ends July 22

Children ages 1 - 4 participate in the Summer Hearts program

Day Camp: Pre-K through 4th grade

Day Camp will be a thrilling program this year with activities like visual nd performing arts, sports, water fun, music, competitive games, yoga, fitness, going on field trips, and more.

Camp Curiosity: Girls only, Pre-K - Kindergarten

Cheer Camp: Pre-K through 4th grade

Visual Arts Camp: Pre-K - 8th grade

Jump Start: For students of Academy of the Sacred Heart only, entering Pre-K - 4th grade

Grammar Boot Camp: For students of Academy of the Sacred Heart only entering 7th and 8th grade

All programs are directed by experienced, qualified, and dedicated faculty and staff. Lunch will be offered by Pigeon Catering for an additional fee, and after-care is available for all camps. Located on the Rosary and Mater Campuses (pending camp sessions).

Registration for all Summer Programs opens Friday, March 11 here!

AGES: 1-13, Girls & Boys  
COST: $280-$315/week
DATES: June 13-July 22 (varies by session), 9 am-3 pm
Mater Campus, 4301 St. Charles Ave & Rosary Campus, 4521 St. Charles Ave
504.269.1230 /

Summer Mission 

Sacred Heart's mission is to inspire girls and boys to develop their gifts, talents and skills through active, creative, and engaging activities that foster growth in an atmosphere of faith, wise freedom, and fun.