MOVE! - The Karate, Movement, and Social Experience for Your Kid!

Church's Karate Academy (CKA) has a new name and a top-notch school and afterschool program.

By Lauren Ungar, Assistant Publisher April 14, 2021

My kids have been asking me if they can start karate this year. I am so excited that they want to try a new activity, but as a mom I also want which ever program I choose to bring more to the table than just karate. I want mindfulness, socialization, and a place they can feel comfortable and accepted. MOVE! New Orleans does just that! 

Many of our Macaroni Kid New Orleans families know Coach Jason Church and his engaging movement programs at Church's Karate Academy or CKA, which he opened in 2013 on Paris Ave in Gentilly. But, because Coach Jason's activities reach far beyond Karate and also dive deep into movement, leadership, teamwork, and logic skills, CKA is changing its name to include all these core components.

Church's Karate Academy, CKA, has officially changed its name to MOVE!

MOVE! is CKA, but now the Greater New Orleans community will know it is more than simply karate. This is a place children can come and, literally, move their muscles, brains, and hearts. 

2021 School and After School Programming at MOVE! is created from Coach Jason's 27 year experience in movement, training as a 4th degree black belt, and 17 years in movement leadership. "Move is the word," Coach Jason says about upcoming Fall programming. "We are also expanding our physical space to be 2 times larger than last year to accommodate the different experiences children will have." 

Here is a quick MOVE! School and After School Snapshot:

  • STEM Projects
  • Brain Games
  • Group Movement Games and Challenges
  • Karate and Parkour 
  • Holiday Camps
  • Kids' Night in at MOVE! (parents drop off kids for a fun social evening)

If your child is interested in moving their body, mind, and heart with friends and professional staff, this is the program for them! And parents love the program because it’s fun, safe, and affordable!

Find more information visit MOVE!'s social media page here.