Summer Camp Counselor Job Openings at the East Jefferson YMCA

January 7, 2021

The East Jefferson YMCA is hiring counselors for their summer camp! This is a great opportunity for your teen to gain incredible experience. In her summers home from college, Candace Schrag, the Executive Director at the East Jefferson YMCA, worked at the Y in Rhode Island where she is from.

That summer job evolved into a wellness and youth coordinator post graduation. She loved it and learned so much about leadership and responsibility and just basic job skills.

Staff is required to be 16 in order to hold this position and must be able to pass a basic swim test. All staff will be trained in CPR and first aid. The pay is $8/hr. 

Please click here for more information. You can also see the job listing on Facebook here.

1. Exhibit personal habits, behavior, health, dress, speech, table etiquette, values, and relationships with

staff that serve as a beneficial model to campers and the community

2. Desire to work with children on a daily basis and greet each child with a smile daily

3. Be energetic, outgoing, and interested in being a positive role model to young children

4. Follow branch and association dress code daily

5. Be punctual and dependable which means do not be late, call if you are running late, give advanced

notice when you will be absent or miss work.

6. Attend all required trainings, workshops, planning sessions, and staff meetings

7. Demonstrate the ability to interpret and administer all policies, established by the YMCA, to all

employees, participants, and volunteers you may come in contact with

8. Be flexible and adjust to a changing work environment

9. Make an effort to memorize campers names

10. Be prepared to swim with any group at a moments notice

11. Provide diverse program experiences for assigned group during camp

12. Maintain discipline by use of consequences that are reasonable for the camper(s) without interrupting

camp activities

13. Prepare to discuss with parent or lead staff any experience a child had during the day using facts

14. Prepare and administer activities according to schedule

15. Report any incidents, accidents, behavioral issues, and attendance records to next level supervisor

16. Responsible for group supervision of campers with attention to all of the following: program, health,

happiness, discipline, cleanliness, safety, social adjustment, and character & skill development

17. Keep accurate count of children in your group at all times via knowing names and facial recognition

18. Instruct, direct, and supervise the flow of camp, as assigned to you, for day or week

19. Implement and follow oral and written instructions for self, peers, and participants in program

20. Communicate respectively and effectively with supervisors and co-workers in relation to facilities, staff,

programs, parents, and campers.

21. Participate in activities with other staff and program participants

22. Display sound judgment in emergency situations through your training and branch procedures

23. Possess strong oral and interpersonal communication skills

24. Possess creativity, initiative, and willingness to learn and implement new activities

25. Keep program areas in working condition by picking up all litter, putting away program supplies, and

reporting broken or malfunctioning equipment

26. Other related duties as assigned and perform all duties with honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility