Wine: The Glue Holding this 2020 Show Together

Vino Mom NOLA owner Rebeca Pinhas brings the gift of wine for the holidays!

By Rebeca Pinhas, Owner of Vino Mom NOLA December 3, 2020

"Wine: The Glue Holding this 2020 Show Together"

A less polite version of the above appears on a sweatshirt my wine guru--my aunt--gave me during the pandemic. It is meant to be funny, of course, but there is so much truth in this statement.

Throughout human civilization, regardless of geographical location, wine has had a significant role in bringing people together and creating a sense of community. Roman soldiers preferred it over water as it was safer back then; the Greeks have been producing and celebrating wine for over 6,500 years, and the Jesuits are single-handedly responsible for the survival of grapevines thanks to their need for sacramental wine.    

While we may not be performing such stoic acts nowadays, we are going through one of the toughest situations most of us will ever live through as a community. And once again, wine has lent us a hand. Drinking wine (in moderation, needless to say) is not only a relaxing activity that forces you to pause and enjoy but it is also a window into the rest of the world. While we may not travel as we did just a year ago, learning about wine will transport you to the sunny vineyards in Tuscany, the steep hills of Southern France, and the brown and yellow landscape of Rioja. And what better way to regain some normalcy than to share such experiences with your loved ones? Even basic wine concepts and principles will change the way you look at it and will help you make better wine choices, while you have a good old time.This holiday season, consider giving the gift of wine knowledge and the opportunity to share it with your family and friends. 

Vino Mom offers private classes and tastings that are fully customizable. You can choose from a totally online experience (for which I curate tasting kits to enjoy together) or live tastings for small groups. Packages start at $175 for up to 6 participants and you can choose the types, styles, number, and price tiers of the wines to be discussed in the class--if you so desire. Additionally, you may add extras such as cheeseboards or small bites to be paired with the wines.

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