Easter Basket Fun!

Alternative Ideas to Fill Your Child's Easter Basket

By By: Kellie Bowling, Melbourne Macaroni Kid March 4, 2021

Jellybeans, sugar-coated marshmallows, cream filled chocolate eggs, life-size chocolate bunnies, and all that shiny, stringy "grass" kind of makes me cringe! Sure, those are the "traditional" basket stuffers, but why not start a new tradition? Here are some alternative and healthier ideas for filling your child's Easter baskets!

For your littlest ones:  
Ages Newborn-2: Line the basket with a small tag-style blanket or other blanket. Buy a yard of fabric in an Easter print and just serge the edges! Fold it up to fit inside the basket and Viola! You have a basket liner! Fill the basket with items like teething toys, a Baltic Amber teething necklace, sippy cups, developmental learning toys, and their favorite snack (my 18 month old LOVES the Annie's Bunny Friends - and how is Easter after all!). Remember, they're so need to go overboard with the stuffings!

For your preschoolers:  
Ages 3-4: Buy them a new t-shirt and shorts set in some spring colors. Line their baskets with the outfit, so when the other goodies have been emptied out, they still have a gift left! Fill the basket with their favorite fruit (apples and oranges make great fillers!). Look for some carrots at your local grocery store with the tops on for a really fun surprise and tell them the Easter bunny left it behind for them to try. New toothbrushes with some kid-friendly toothpaste, art supplies (crayons in all pastel colors, a little drawing tablet and pencils), and maybe their favorite 100% juice box.

For your school-aged kids:  
Ages 5-10: Socks! Buy several pairs of socks...whether it be all white, colors, or crazy fun Easter-themed prints! Buy long socks, short get the idea. Line the basket with all the socks in lieu of that messy grass stuff! Try filling the basket with a book from their favorite series, or perhaps an educational learning workbook. If your child is a music enthusiast, you can add a CD or an iTunes gift card. If your child prefers to play sports, perhaps a pair of tickets to see one of our great local sport teams play! An Easter themed movie is a fun idea as well - Hop was recently released on DVD! Add in their favorite healthy snack, whether some sort of trail mix, granola or fruit and perhaps a dark chocolate candy bar.

For the tweens and teens in your life:  
Ages 11+: Get creative with the "basket" idea. Who says it has to be in a basket? Try a fun beach tote with sunblock, a new bathing suit, some flip flops and a cool new beach towel just for them! Throw in a pair of new headphones to keep the car quiet while they're listening to their favorite tunes on their MP3 players. Don't forget the shades!  This will keep your older kids looking cool as a cucumber on those hot, sunny days. Toss in a Kid Cliff Bar to keep them energized and a bottle of water and they're ready to hit the beach!

Happy Easter!