Patriotic Pinwheels!!

Go old-school with homemade Pinwheels

June 28, 2018

Great for 4th of July!

You’ll need heavy-ish paper like construction paper (colored, or white and you can have your kids decorate it), a pencil with eraser, thumb-tack, scissors and glue.

Print out the pattern found here (  Cut out the outside Square.  Place the square over the construction paper and trace the square.  Cut out the square from the construction paper.  Keep the pattern and the new square together and cut the dotted lines to the edge of the circle. 

Poke a hole with the thumbtack in each of the dots so you know where they are
located on the construction paper.  Remove the template. 

Now fold each corner so that the dots match the center dot.  Glue the now overlapping corners to the
center and let dry.  Carefully push the thumbtack through the center and then
into the eraser of the pencil.  Allow some room between the paper and the eraser
so the pinwheel can spin.  Give a wave and watch it spin!

If you don't have time to make a pinwheel, how about an old-fashioned coloring session?  It's easy and hey, it's fun to color!! 

George Washington Connect the Dot from

4th of July Coloring Page from

July 4th Capitol and Flag Coloring Page from